Care And Fit


Washing and care instructions for your Healthy Air Mask.

First-time users, there is always an adjustment period, as with all masks, the air flow is somewhat restricted as the mask lies against your face. As a result, this will cause the air inside the mask to become moist and warm. Our masks are designed with breathe-ability in mind and special material has been used in order to wick the moisture away from your mouth and keep you cool, dry and warm in cold weather. Remember to relax until you become comfortable wearing a mask and think that the air you are breathing is clean and healthy. 

We recommend that all masks be hand washed in cold water with mild hypoallergenic laundry soap. Air dry only. Do not wash in bleach or dry clean, these actions will damage the mask.

  • Machine wash cold, delicate cycle and in a delicates bag – never use hot water, it will cause the fabric to weaken over time.
  • Handwash in cold water.
  • Mild hypoallergenic detergent (Woolite)
  • Do not wash with bleach or Dry Clean.
  • Air or line dry; if you need to use a dryer, make sure the setting is on no heat, air dry only.

Care Tips:

- To speed drying time, roll gently in a cotton towel, as this helps draw the moisture out of bamboo faster, then air dry.

- For heavy soiling, use warm water to pre-soak your mask.

Does bamboo fabric shrink?

If you choose to tumble dry your mask, you should expect the same shrinkage as with any other cotton product. 

How frequently should I wash my mask?

How often you wash your mask is solely dependent on the frequency of use. If you use your mask in a heavily polluted environment on a regular basis, then it's recommended that you wash your mask daily. 

* * Replacement N99 filters: Since the Coronavirus outbreak replacement filters are very hard to get as our supplier is out of stock until late March to mid April. Our Customers have said they haven taken warm water in a small bowl with a few drops of Un-scented Antibacterial soap. Mix it up, then dip the filter in 2-3 times (Not letting soak) then lightly rubbing, rinsing and then placing on absorbent paper towel and letting air dry. This has allowed our customers to prolong the use of their filters until we are able to get more in stock. This has not been approved by the FDA, please consult your physician.


Certain limitations do apply when using a Healthy Air Mask®. To properly fit your Healthy Air Mask®, we recommend performing the following procedures every time you wear your mask:

Hold your mask by the elastic ear loops and pull each ear-loop around each ear until it is on and over your mouth and nose comfortably and securely. Then adjust the top of the mask so that it is comfortably over the bridge of your nose and the bottom of the mask to make sure it is below your chin.

Facial hair can minimize effectiveness somewhat, so make adjustments as needed. These steps should be repeated until the mask is on snug and securely. You may notice less air escaping from the sides after about one hour of wearing the mask if properly fitted. Healthy Air Mask® does not guarantee protection from illness or any harmful substance. 

Healthy Air Mask® owners and manufacturers make no guarantee or promise that our masks or bandanas will eliminate any or all risks of illness, disease, or infection. Like similar N99 and M11 face masks, they can help minimize, reduce and help protect the wearer from spreading or contracting bacteria, virus, and other airborne contaminants.