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This Face mask is made of 2 layers of Poly Cotton blend fabric. Each mask comes with 1 PM2.5 6-layered activated carbon filter which effectively blocks airborne contaminants. you can purchase additional filters from us here, or use your own filter supply.

These masks are not medical devices and are not a replacement for surgical or procedural masks.
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Made In America.
Ultra Comfortable.
Ultra Premium.

Maskins premium face masks have been constructed to be ultra comfortable, breathable, and aim for the perfect fit. Our masks use a 2 layer premium blend of cotton fabric that is sourced in the United States, most other companies import theirs! All of our masks are sewn by world class seamstresses in California and ship from USA!

The CDC recommends wearing protective face masks when out in public, and our mask has quickly become one of the most popular and highest quality masks out. We know you are looking for the best face mask out, that's made in America, and in stock right now - and we believe you have found it.

What Makes Maskins The Best Face Mask & Mask Filter Out There?

Maskins is one of the few companies who provide both a premium face mask and a premium 5 layer filter. A mask alone is not enough. Our premium 5 layer filter does the dirty work - it blocks out dangerous airborne particles, liquid droplets, dust, smog, pollen, and mold. It is able to filter out particulates that have a diameter of 2.5 micrometers (microns) or less. Coronavirus particles are approximately 0.125 microns.

Maskins face masks are fully washable and reusable - that means no more buying disposable masks. Simply order as many as you need plus a few extra, grab a filter pack, and you're good to go.

Made In America

All of our masks are made in the United States by our skilled seamstresses in California. All orders ship from our California warehouse, not from China like other websites.

5 Layer Filters

Our premium 5 layer filters that are included with every single mask purchased are designed to block out dangerous airborne particles, liquid droplets, dust, smog, pollen, and mold.

Washable & Reusable

Simply hand wash our face masks with warm water and soap or detergent. Let them air dry for a few hours and keep a back up ready to go. Don't forget to insert a new filter after washing.

Adjustable Fitment

With adjustable elastic earloops, you are able to adjust the masks for your perfect fitment that is snug but not overly tight. Perfect coverage over your mouth and nose everytime.

Peace Of Mind

We know it's hard times right now, but our mission is to provide you with hope, peace of mind, and the freedom to go back to doing your day to day activities.

Adult & Kids Sizes

Your entire family, young and old, is taken into deep consideration at the core of our products. We built two perfectly fitted sizes: one for kids and one for adults.

What Do I Look For In A Great Face Mask?

1. Multiple Layers Of Protection

How many layers of protection is good enough? Well, our filters have 5 layers of protection and our masks contain 2 layers of premium cotton - that's a combined 7 total layers of protection around your face, mouth, and nose.

These combined layers act as a barrier from airborne contaminants and particles out there that are bad for your health. Don't worry - Maskins has you covered, literally.

2. Breathability And Comfortability:

Our face masks are made with some of the highest quality cotton, which allows for a perfectly breathable mask that is comfortable to wear for long periods of time. It doesn't restrict airflow, but still offers the same 7 layers of protection in combination with our filters. The shape of our mask perfectly contours to your face and adjustable ear straps allow you get the perfect fit.

3.  Made In The United States:

Unfortunately, this is hard to find nowadays. A lot of mask companies will offer cheap chinese knock off masks for a fraction of the cost, but ask yourself, do you really want to be purchasing chinese made masks? Absolutely not, you might not even get what you ordered! Our masks are made in the United States and ship from the United States. We usually ship out all orders within 1-3 business days, so support a small business in America! 

4. Verified Customer Reviews With Photo Proof:

We tested purchases from multiple mask companies and only a few of them actually shipped out the masks. Sound familiar? Yep, there's a lot of people take advantage of people in need. Look for where the masks ship from, bad or fake reviews with no customer photos, or for shipment dates that are weeks away. We actually have real customers who leave us real photo reviews, over 1000+ 5-star reviews and counting.

Check out our verified customer reviews below.

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